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Test2004 Sep 24 (Fri), 20:11
Fuck me... I'm a test.

Fucking A2004 Sep 24 (Fri), 20:57
Okay folks, I have it up. No, not that you perverted son of a bitch... This evil website.

This is an alternative place for me to post things to my main page where I can be as fucked up angry as I wanna be. To start things off nicely, allow me to show you around.

Hold me! Hold me! Never let me go!

Doesn't that picture just piss you off? Sure pisses me off.

Here we have one of the few Republican bastards I can even remotely relate to being hugged by the most evil man on the planet (next to me, of course). How the fuck he can sleep with himself at night, I don't know.

See, the one thing Mr. Touchy-Feely here is forgetting is just how horrible old Dub was to him during the primaries in 2000. I seem to remember him being called "A Cheat, A Liar and A Fraud" by Dub's lackies. I seem to also remember them claiming he had cheated on his wife with a "cheerleader". Then there was a little something attacking his actions after being released as a POW. Hmmm... Idunno... I think if someone said half of what was said about him about me I sure as fucking hell wouldn't ever be caught dead in a photo-op making sweet, sweet love to his thigh.

Which brings up a fucking scary point: Here we have a man who lived through a POW camp, did Bobnose what in foreign countries and to foreign peoples, and has probably seen scary-ass shit the likes of which would make liberals like me sob uncontrollably, kowtowing to a limp-wristed (and not in a good way) idiotic sonuvabitch who's daddy held his hand through Vietnam.